Restoring Charlotte's inner-city from within by transforming at-risk youth into the next generation of leaders for Christ!

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The story of One7 Ministries is really one of how God gave a radical vision to David Garrett, and then used him through an equally radical journey to see it manifest.

No one can truly describe this work of the Lord like David himself, so in his own words, we invite you to walk through the incredible story of One7…

God gave a radical vision...



In 1994 God radically changed my life and set my feet on a journey that would lead me all across the world sharing the message of Jesus Christ.
I traveled to Spain, France, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Brazil, Ethiopia, Holland, Kenya, and Rwanda, sharing the miracle of what God had done in my life. It was during this time that my vision and purpose to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth was born. Living out the great commission to “make disciples of all nations” became my passion.

Upon returning from these international missions, I realized that I didn’t have to travel far to live out this mission in my own country. After working at Higher Ground Baptist church in Tennessee for several years, the church commissioned me as an independent missionary to Chicago, Illinois.
There I started working with refugees from all over the world. The poor, needy, suffering, and broken families from the inner cities brought Matthew 25 to life for me. I began to see my purpose being laid out before me in a clear way from the Lord.

After four years doing incredible ministry in Chicago, I felt the Lord leading me to Charlotte, North Carolina as a missionary.
I searched for the most culturally diverse, broken, and dangerous area in the city and ended up on the east side of Charlotte. It was there that I started ministering to kids and families who were living within a five mile radius of the city. Gangs, crime, drugs, prostitution, and hatred spilled into the streets of this area on the east side. We became peace makers, reconcilers, a voice for the weak and suffering, and missionaries of the Gospel to this population.


In 2006 I was hired by Forest Hill Church to be a pastor at two local inner-city church plants located in this target area. I continued to disciple the youth of this area and would bus them into the two church plants.


In 2008 I felt called to resign from the church and start my own 501c3 nonprofit. God gave me the name One7 for this ministry, which came from a conversation between God and Jeremiah where Jeremiah found his purpose, vision, and direction while learning how to face his fears and doubts. He took the challenge to be God’s voice to the world. We believe that all of us need to be reminded that God knew us before we were born and set us apart to be His voice to the world.
Our ministry battled in the streets of the east side for several years, facing severe persecution. Gangs robbed us multiple times, set our apartments on fire, busted out our windows while kids were inside, slashed our van tires, and shot at me on two occasions. Yet the kids’ lives we ministered to were being changed, and we saw families being healed and restored. God was moving in a powerful way, and miracles continued to happen every day. We knew that all we could do is press on and watch God take back these lives from the enemy.



Between the years of 2011 and 2013, God expanded the vision of One7, and we were able to buy an 18 unit apartment complex, where we now serve and disciple hundreds of youth and families each week. It’s a radically fruitful model: God equips One7 to train and disciple leaders coming out of a very dangerous area with the message of Christ rooted in their hearts, and they take the message of Christ with them everywhere they go.


God is expanding the vision and reach of One7. Through a partnership with Elevation Church in November of 2015, which has since expanded into a core group of families believing with us, we have witnessed God provide for an Outreach Center that was completed in 2016. Just as He has throughout our history, we know God is going to continue to use this Center to raise up more young leaders, and the reach of the Gospel will increase.

Over the years God built a small but effective core team of volunteers, families, and churches who have helped us in this battle to change our city. Living out audacious faith to all of those around us, we open our arms to the people God connects us with. I value and love the friends that God has called to join us on this journey. God is powerfully using the “One7 family” to fulfill this huge mission. If you have been a part of Thursday nights, the Outreach Center, serving meals, tutoring, Christmas giving, apartment sponsorships, our soccer ministry, or any other part of our work, then you know what it feels like to be caught up in this movement. Together we are changing our city, and ultimately our world, through this radical model of discipleship.

Simply put, One7 is unique, beautiful, organic, and a pure reflection of the Gospel, and of what we believe Heaven will look like.


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